Vacay at the Lake Murray

So, I am switching Animal clinics, I start Monday (tomorrow) at the new clinic. My last day at my old clinic was this past Monday, June 6th. Furthermore, I had some time off, I made the most of it and went to Lake Murray in South Carolina. I scheduled my last day at old clinicContinue reading “Vacay at the Lake Murray”

Writing a New World

I know it has been a long time since I posted but… So, I am currently working on a story, as another way of release other than photography. I am hoping to still get back into photography, hopefully I can combine the two in some aspects. My genre for writing is sci-fi / post-apocalyptic. IContinue reading “Writing a New World”

An Adventurous Spirit

So, first off I just added some pictures of past adventures with dog mainly on my gallery pages. Furthermore, I am trying to get back into my photography, take more pics, plus use my film camera more often than I do now. I am also wanting to do more hiking adventures. As far as hiking,Continue reading “An Adventurous Spirit”

Veterinary Technician Program

So, I have officially started the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician Program; well, almost. I already work at GP Clinic so no issue of getting the experience and been a Veterinary Assistant for 5 years this past summer. Furthermore, I already have a Littmann stethoscope but was wondering what books are good to have/keep on handContinue reading “Veterinary Technician Program”